Taxi Manager for Taxi Clubs

Designed specifically for Taxi Clubs in mind

One simple online taxi manager software solution for Taxi Clubs that self insures their fleet and their drivers, with no pesky PDF files when an Assessor feels like it. Real data in real-time anyplace on any device all secured on the cloud.

IQ Controls Suite for Taxi Clubs provides online access to all parties and allows for Self Insurance with an Insurance and Policy Management functions, and a full end to end Automotive Claim Management solution linked in. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with the Independent Assessors application allowing simple and all online assessing of any claim.

Other features include full repair workshop management and repair estimating solutions, with secure image and document management all built-in that work on any device, albeit your phone, tablet or desktop on any operating system with no need for any other applications that pose a security risk to your business.


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