Simple and completely integrated

IQ Controls is an automotive software solution suite that meets the uniquely Australian needs for claims managers, Insurance companies, self-insurers, Auto Assessors, Auto Repairers, and Auto Tradesmen.

Smash Repair to Claim Management in one

The IQ Controls Suite is a simple and progressive automotive software solution that allows insurers, Fleet Managers, Claims Managers, Insurers and Taxi Clubs to achieve a simpler and more profound automated claims management process.

Australia's most advanced, data-driven, end-to-end motor claims processing capability – driving efficiencies, cost control and enhanced customer engagement.

Built by the local Australian team that brought you Car Quote

50 Years in the automotive repair industry and 35 years in the software development industry is back to bring you the next generation of Automotive Management software solutions. Back last century we disrupted the repair software market with Car Quote and we are back to do it all again with IQ Controls.

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